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Who are we?

Simon and Will, are addicted to travel and get away as often as possible with busy schedules and full-time jobs.  Our dream would be to go full-time as Youtubers and bring you much more content than we currently can.

We set up this site and our YouTube channel to give friends and family ideas and tips for weekends away, day trips and that all-important annual holiday. Word has gotten around that we try to find the more fun and unusual tourist destinations, along with showcasing some of the wonderful, towns, villages, and places to visit in the UK.

We hope you find our content interesting and helpful, and feel free to reach out to us if you have a question or want to know more.

As always happy travels from the memoryseekers!


We make a small commission for anything you buy from our lists. Free for you but supports our channel.

Help Support Us?

There are number of ways you can support us with our travels, from subscribing to our Youtube channel and watching our videos, to sharing our content via your social media platforms. Taking a moment to do this really does help us grow our following and we really appreciate you taking the time to do this and of course it's free.

For those that can support us in with a monetary donation towards future trips and maintaining our website then we also thank you.  Your options for doing this are below

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Image by Fahmi Fakhrudin
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