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和歌山県 Wakayama Japan | Hot Springs, Waterfalls & Weird Food!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Continuing our tour in 和歌山県 Wakayama Japan, Will takes a road trip from Osaka and is blown away by its beauty, history, Onsens (Japanese hot spring) and weird and wonderful food. Join him on this 2 part adventure.

If you missed our Osaka Guide be sure to check it out here.

Wakayama Prefecture (region) is a four hour stunning drive through beautiful countryside, mountains and long tunnels carve

d out of the rock. The roads become more narrow and winding as you get further away from the city but are easy and safe to drive. Will hired a car for 4 days from for just over £200.

First stop was at Nachi Falls, with a drop of 133 meters, it is the country's tallest waterfall with single uninterrupted drop. Walking through the primeval forest steeped in spirituality you stand at the bottom of the falls looking up feeling the spray and thundering sound of the water. It's simply stunning! You should also include a short trip to Hiro Shrine, located at the foot of the falls and surrounded by old cedar trees. Built in honor of the waterfall god, it is free to enter the shrine, but you need to pay 300 yen to venture onto the viewing platform.

For those feeling energetic, a 20-minute hike up the steep stone staircase will take you to Kumano Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine. From here you can capture the Shrine and Waterfall together for those instagram snaps but also enjoy the amazing views across the valley.

Staying in Ryokan and visiting, a traditional Onsen is a must on any Japan trip and Wakayama has them in abundance. WIll, visits a few during his trip. Starting at Iruka Onsen Hotel Seiryuusou where he stayed for 2 nights. Including all meals he paid £206.

Meals are a formal elaborate affair, you can't choose your meals so be prepared for some interesting surprises in your servings. Working out what you have been given is all part of the fun and charm of this type of accommodation. On site is a cute Mine trolley train. Using the rails that were actually used in the mine in the past, a tunnel about 1km long connects to Hiyu-no-guchi hot spring. There is another Onsen here, and your train ticket includes a dip!


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