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Lviv is in the west of Ukraine close to the border with Poland. It has a very different feel to other cities in Ukraine and a certain theatre about the place. I am not sure how best to describe it but it's full of coffee, cathedrals, mystery, style and is a down and out really fun place to go! So much so, we have been twice in the last two years, choosing to spend New Years here in 2019.

Our first travel guide covers 15 things to do in the city and was part of our 10 days in Ukraine. It's a great guide to give you an overview of the must-do things if you only have a few days.

Our second visit in winter incorporated a stay over new years in the fantastic Grand Hotel. The snow and all the Christmas celebration made for a fantastic trip and we found many more things to see and do that were missed on the first visit.

So much so we had to make 2 videos! We hope these guides show you how incredible it can, whether for a weekend break or a much longer stay.

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